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Tonight, witness the celestial magic of the first lunar eclipse of 2024! At Heal & Beyond, we believe these events are powerful opportunities to align with nature’s rhythms and cultivate inner peace.

Similar to the Earth casting a shadow on the Moon, our lives can create “shadows” within – stress, sluggishness, or excess heat. This eclipse offers a chance to cleanse and cool these imbalances!

Here’s how to harness the transformative energy with Heal & Beyond’s special eclipse ritual:

1. Cooling Moon Tea (Plant-Based):

  • Ingredients: 1 tsp fennel seeds, ½ tsp peppermint leaves, a pinch of dried lavender, 1 cup boiling water, dates (optional)
  • Preparation: Steep the fennel seeds, peppermint, and lavender in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain, add a chopped date for natural sweetness (optional), and enjoy this cooling and detoxifying tea.

2. Chandra Nadi Breathwork for Serenity:

Chandra Nadi, or the left nostril, is associated with lunar energy and has a cooling effect on the body. Here’s a simple breathing practice to activate this channel and promote calmness:

  • Posture: Sit comfortably with your spine erect.
  • Action: Gently close your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale deeply and slowly through your left nostril. Hold your breath for a comfortable count of 4. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this cycle (inhale through left nostril, hold, exhale through mouth) for 5-10 minutes.

Remember, as the Moon emerges from the Earth’s shadow, so too can we shed negativity and find inner peace. Let this eclipse be a prompt to nurture your wholeness with a detoxifying tea and calming breathwork. Visit our website healandbeyond.com for more eclipse-inspired recipes and guided meditations!



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