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Weekends are a sacred time for me, dedicated to a simple yet profound meditation practice centered around expressing gratitude for the elements that surround us. This practice serves as a mirror, reflecting on my personal journey and highlighting the distance I have traveled. Gratitude for even the smallest blessings acts as a grounding force, offering a fresh perspective on life’s grand tapestry.

My father’s advice echoes in my mind, urging me not to overlook the pedestrian while on my metaphorical bicycle. His words emphasize the importance of acknowledging and valuing every individual’s unique experiences, underscoring the subjectivity of life itself.

Incorporating Manas (Mind) worship into my meditation routine has been transformative, fostering a sense of inner fortitude and interconnectedness. Each session at the tranquil yoga hut leaves me not just feeling good, but truly invigorated. I eagerly anticipate more weekends filled with these soul-nourishing practices that rejuvenate my entire being.

These moments of reflection serve as a reset button, infusing me with renewed energy and a heightened sense of appreciation. It is a beautiful way to unwind and rediscover the often-overlooked treasures that enrich our lives.

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